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Get Funding

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Get the capital you need to build your business.

If you're looking to raise investment for your startup, you're in the right place.

We offer dedicated accelerator programs to teach you the playbook for raising money as a female founder. Plus we set up Womankind Ventures to back the most promising startups in our community. 





An 8-week program, designed for pre-seed & seed stage founders to teach you how to successfully raise investment as a woman-led business.

Next Cohort starts July 2024

Find the right
program to get you investment ready

Find the best way to navigate your journey to getting funding for your business. Choose the support that best fit the type of help you need, and how you want to engage.

Compare the Accelerators

Digital Investment Readiness Program

You can start today and work through our expertly curated lessons at your own pace to learn the secrets of fundraising.

Investment Readiness Accelerator Program

Join a likeminded group of founders with weekly interactive sessions and presentations from experts.

Pick your preferred program


Digital Investment Readiness Program

Investment Readiness Accelerator 

£425/ $550

£1,000 / $1,200
+ 3% success fee


Who is it for?

You're ready to start now! You don't need to wait for the next cohort.

You prefer a DIY approach – to either work faster or slower than the accelerator


You want to work on your deck without mentorship

You want 1:1 expert guidance to hone

your pitch deck

You need the pressure of deadlines to focus on fundraising prep


You like scheduled sessions and

group support


You want the benefit of being able to ask questions live (to experts)

Concept/ Pre-Seed

You're earlier in you business journey.

Nearly ready or ready MVP.

Pre-revenue and still working out certain aspects of your business and product

Pre-Seed/ Seed

You have a live product (or are building it during the accelerator)

Your business has some existing traction

- revenue, users, etc

Business Stage


Do It Yourself

Supported by a likeminded cohort of Female Founders

3 Month Access

8 Week Accelerator

3 Month Access

Course Length

Access to Mentors?

Curated WhatsApp Group

Weekly 1:1 sessions


Accessible via email & WhatsApp

Priority Access to Hive Founders' Twice Monthly Pitch Clinic

Dedicated pitch clinics during accelerator

Pitch Clinic?

Investor Demo Day

Apply for a chance to pitch

All Graduates get a pitch spot!

Still building your MVP?

Try one of these instead!

Zero To Launch Accelerator

Transform your idea into a viable business!
In just 9 weeks, you'll build, test, and launch your minimum viable product.
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