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We help women launch, fund & scale their businesses

Hive Founders is a global startup accelerator built by women entrepreneurs, to help other women entrepreneurs succeed. This is everything we wish we'd known when starting and scaling our businesses!

Our community offers all the support we wish we'd had when starting and scaling our businesses

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Only Founders understand how hard it is

We're founders just like you. We know the struggles, the sacrifices, the drive, the grit and the never-ending jobs to be done!

We know what it takes to build something from nothing, and our mission is to make the process a little easier. By sharing our knowledge, our network and our support.

Become a better Entrepreneur, TOGETHER.

The Hive gives you access to resources, expert advice, investors, and the power of the community. To help you be the best founder you can be.

Join over 2200 other founders across US, UK, Europe & APAC

Hive Members have raised over

$ 100 million

With our Expert Help and Supportive Community

Launch your startup

Launching takes courage, but it's easier than you think.

Learn how to build your product, get it into the hands of customers and get the best start possible for your business.

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Fund your idea

It's frustratingly hard for women to raise investment. But we've successfully raised millions for our startups and we'll teach you how to do it.

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Scale your business

To grow your business you need a global network. For hiring, for getting more customers, for expanding to new markets and getting the right advisors onboard.

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Get Discounts & other benefits on
Critical Software and Services

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What our members love

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“If you're out there trying to build a company, I don't think you can get better help in the early stages than the people who run the IRP programme.”

Shreya Amin, Founder, Minsphere (AI)

How ready are you for Investment?

Take our free assessment and get your investment readiness score.
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