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Zero to Launch

By Hive Founders and The Entrepreneur’s BattleBook

Empowering women entrepreneurs to turn your idea Into a viable business.

Join our Zero to Launch Accelerator and transform your idea into a viable business! In just 9 weeks, you'll build, test, and launch your minimum viable product.

Crafted by Seasoned Entrepreneurs,

Backed by a Proven Methodology:

The Zero to Launch Accelerator is meticulously designed by experienced entrepreneurs who've been in your shoes. We are here to ignite your entrepreneurial journey and provide unwavering support from start to finish.

How does it work?

Our Accelerator follows the methodology of The Entrepreneur’s BattleBook, enhanced with engaging teachings, live Q&A sessions, and a WhatsApp community to ensure you receive the support you need every step of the way.

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Pre-reading and pre-work: Guides & templates

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Deep Dive sessions on

key concepts 

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Group Q&A in the

week following the Deep Dive

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WhatsApp group

for quick Q&A

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Decision Point

Accelerator content

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A step-by-step guide to get you from an idea to a viable business

Here are the 4 modules the Accelerator covers

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Welcome Module

Uncover Your Why

Your motivation is your driving force. Understand your core motivations and lay the groundwork for resilience and an empowering entrepreneurial mindset.

Define the Problem,
Find the Customer

Module 1

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Start your journey by defining the problem you're solving and identifying the people who need your solution. Lay the strongest foundation for your business - address real issues for real people.

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Crafting your Unique
Value Proposition

Module 2

Learn how to define and test the right commercial proposition for your business, understand what sets your product apart, and why customers will be eager to buy it.

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Module 3

Building your MVP,

Step by Step

Discover how to design and build your Minimum Viable Product experiment by experiment. Test your product on real customers, gather feedback, and validate your business model.

Meet the team

The Zero to Launch Accelerator is presented by Hive Founders and The Entrepreneur’s BattleBook’s author Christina Nesheva. Hive Founders is dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs,

while The Entrepreneur’s BattleBook serves as an invaluable step-by-step guide for bringing ideas to life.

Overcoming Doubts, Unlocking Potential:

Are you uncertain if you're on the right path?


Does self-doubt occasionally cloud your vision?


Do you sense untapped potential within, waiting to be unlocked

This program is designed with you in mind.

Program Fees

For the full 9-week Accelerator Program

£500 / $630
+ VAT if UK registered

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