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How is Hive's female-founder focused investment readiness accelerator different from others?

The best way to explain our approach is through an analogy of baking the perfect cake.

First, you make sure you have the right (business) ingredients.

We start by looking under the hood of the business to make sure all the different parts that need to be there are in place. Where there are gaps, we use our deep and extensive experience as operators to help the founder build impactful and effective solutions to address them. Every business is unique, there is no cookie cutter formula.

Second, we teach you the right recipe, one actually meant for female founders.

Anyone who has ever baked a cake will tell you - without the right recipe, even the best ingredients won't create a great cake.

Raising investment requires a specific formula. And unfortunately for female founders, much of the 'common knowledge' about how to raise investment doesn't work for women. But we've raised millions between us and we know what works. And we share this approach with the founders in our accelerator.

Finally, we work with you to create a perfectly balanced icing on the cake - aka, the pitch deck.

Without the right ingredients and recipe, no amount of frosting will make a bad cake taste good. It's the same with a pitch deck.

Want to build your perfectly investable business cake?

Apply to Cohort IV of the Hive Founders Investment Readiness Accelerator for female founders here.


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