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Funding more Female Founders
Reducing the barriers to entry for women investors & our allies

Our Approach

We believe the only way to fund more women-led companies is to have more women deploying capital. Our mission is to reduce the barriers to entry for investment and give more women investors the opportunity to invest in this asset class.

Our partner organisation, Hive Founders, provides exceptional women-led, high-growth deal flow. We provide the pathway to enable more investors to tap into these deals.

Start investing for as little as £500.

Opportunity Criteria

How it works

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Founders take Part in our programmes

Our evaluation process is embedded into our programmes so we spend many weeks understanding the business, the founder and the opportunity.

Interest is collected

Investors confirm their interest and amounts they wish to invest.

Top performers are selected

Top performers are selected to take part in our investment process - via our demo day and syndicate

Deal is taken forward

We start the formal process, everyone signs and funds are exchanged.


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Our Advisors

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