Hive Founders is an online community where members discuss issues relevant to their careers.

In order to streamline our impact and maximise our efficiency, we've established a few guidelines.

The only hard and fast rule is that all members commit to helping another woman succeed. 

Thanks for being a part of the group! We know everyone has busy lives and we appreciate that you choose to spend your time here.

  1. Respect other people's experiences, even if they're different from your own. Some advice may not align with your interests or beliefs, but there may be other people who benefit from hearing it. Personal attacks aren't allowed.

  2. The focus of the group is professional women who are founders. Off topic comments and discussions about personal issues, political topics or other issues are not appropriate.

  3. If you find a comment offensive, flag it for review by one of the moderators. If multiple people flag a comment, it will be removed from view until it's reviewed.  Moderators reserve the right to remove any members or discussion at any time for any reason.


We have multiple platforms for our members to communicate, share and promote. 

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  • Share your best practices, ideas, and knowledge that can help other members.

  • Ask questions and for advice on how to best navigate job searching from your fellow group members.

  • Act in a professional, courteous manner, and answer with thoughtful and friendly contributions.

  • Keep posts, comments, and discussions focused on the goals of the group. Off-topic and self-promotional contributions could be deleted, and members removed from the group.


  • Promote negativity

  • Be rude to other members. If you are being disrespectful, we will remove you from the group.

  • Use this group for self-promotional purposes, for example: personal resumes, crowd funding options/investment options, charitable fundraising appeals, requests for social media sharing.