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Who's in the Hive

Meet The Hive Team

Felicia Myerowitz-Singh


Co-Founder & CEO of Akoni Hub, offering SMEs & banks a digital cash treasury management product, and helping customers increase their returns on cash. Felicia is passionate about the critical role business leaders play in exploring the intersection of commerce and innovation.

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Andrea Sommer


Andrea is the Founder & Business Lead at UvvaLabs, a female-founded technology company that uses AI to help companies make decisions to create more diverse and accessible workforces. 

She is passionate about breaking barriers against inequality, technology, entrepreneurship, increasing the number of women represented in both, from entry-level to board-level. Andrea has spoken at numerous conferences on technology, the mobile industry, entrepreneurship, raising start-up finance, investing, being a female founder and women in technology.

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Yael Simon

Strategy & Operations

Yael is an entrepreneur and a strategic funding specialist. She is the Founder & CEO of Fintel Security, a risk management financial intelligence firm. She is passionate about leadership, justice and economic development and is a sought after public speaker, podcast host, conference moderator and writer on Fintech, matters of the law, equal rights & women's empowerment.

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Strategy & Events

Marie-Charlotte is the Curator of Innovate Finance Global Summit & UK FinTech Week and the Co-Founder of L2FT, a Fintech platform designed to empower the most fragile people through financial inclusion.

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Magdalena Thurin

Hive France

Magda is the co-Founder of LiFT, which offers consulting and coaching services support in management, organization and HR, built on a positive, enthusiastic and dynamic vision of the corporate world.

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Dinika Mahtani

Events & Media

Dinika is a strategy & finance director at a cleantech firm in London.  Having made her first angel investment in 2020, she enjoys advising startup founders on their investment pitch materials, and is passionate about forwarding workplace diversity, women representation on boards and green-tech ideas.

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A select showcase of our Hive Founder Members & Their Work

Candy Bowles
Helena Wardle
Kay Kukoyi
Amy Schofield
Katya Kapelushnik
Alexis Marz
Susana Nunes
Mahira Kalim
Lucie Hammond
Ekwy Nnene
Nicola Grant
Rupal Patel
Raja Al-Khatib
Natallia Bychkova
Rose Yombo-Djema
Ellie Yell
Denise Loh
Marie-Clare Fenech
Jo Hamlyn
Jemimah Kemirembe
Christelle Pouzieux
Felicia Hjertman
Vanessa Ampah
Nikki Mears
Sukhi Jutla
Karen Adams
Janet Morrison
Zarja Cibej
Lauren Stewart
Narisa Chauvidul-Aw
Natalia Sileno
Dennelle Taylor Nizoux
Helena Chan
Laura Fontenille
Sylvia Lamaty
Gaëlle De Vriendt
Kim Page
Karen Rudich
Miriam Burrell
Anna Lisa Wesley
Jacqui Barrett
Becks Armstrong
Kate Boyle
Alina Lapusneanu
Felicia Myerowitz Singh
Liane Katz
Julia Maximovskaya
Françoise Lafont
Sarah Joly
Tracey Blake
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